February 01 , 2017


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The Onnit Academy Foundations Course teaches participants to:

  • Understand basic movement theory through a simplified perspective.
  • Build true movement potential by expanding to a multi-dimensional movement model.
  • Establish alignment protocols for optimal structural integration.
  • Identify deteriorating movement paths and how to address it by improving mechanics.
  • Prime movement and decompress for activity specific preparation and recovery.
  • Set the baseline for immediate application of Bodyweight, Suspension Training, Sandbag, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Steel Clubs, Steel Mace.
  • Bridge the gap between high quality primary movement integration to capacity broadening movement sophistication.
  • Employ a framework to improve movement and structure with any tool or system.
  • Scale training effectively in order to increase the spectrum of people one is coaching, from general fitness to sports performance.
  • Strengthen the understanding and connection with the work of allied clinician’s and corrective specialists.


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