November 07 , 2017


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Animal Instinct with Matan Levkowich
The Animal Instinct practice is an ongoing research that examines the potential of the human body in motion. Looking at the mind/body complex through physical, physiological and sociopolitical filters, we aim to better understand the roots of our limitations and the tools to overcome our borders.
The body of work of the Animal Instinct practice refers to information from various movement disciplines, offering hundreds of drills and exercises. Through both scientific and artistic lenses, we deliver a wide spectrum of tools to study our body, to understand movement and communicate physically.


Explore basic movement patterns such as waves, spirals and figure of eight.
Move across the floor, invert, jump, fall, recover, push, be pushed, support, fly, roll and crawl.
Study fixed forms, compose sequences and improvise our own movements.


Move alone and with a partner. Sometimes with the whole group.
Work with objects and tools, use limitations as a mean for expansion.
Exchange physical-philosophical ideas.


The question awaits for YOUR answer…
Come to awaken your ANIMAL INSTINCT!

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