February 05 , 2012


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If you’ve ever watched sports on T.V., you’ve probably noticed that the team consists of more than just the players and coach.  Most teams have a coaching staff, a training staff, and a medical staff.  Creating a championship level team takes a team of experts.  Recently I was given the opportunity to join the team of experts at The Players Academy (TPA) that trains out of Seymour Creek driving range.  The TPA consists of top CPGA golf coaches, mental coaching, and fitness coaching to ensure that the golfing athlete is given all the tools necessary to play their best golf possible.  They’ve worked with golfers of all levels from beginner to professional.

The Players Academy CPGA golf coaches are:

  1. Bryn Parry
  2. Fraser Mulholland.  Fraser is also the commissioner of the Vancouver Golf Tour (VGT)
  3. Dave Zibrik
  4. Oliver Tubb
  5. Andy Johnson
The mental coaching is provided by Chris Baxter.
Engineered Bodies is going to be providing the physical screening, assessments, corrective exercises, and strength and conditioning for all the golfing athletes.  I’m excited to be working with this talented team for 2012.  There are a lot of great things planned for the TPA for this year.
For example, the TPA recently started a project called The TPA Project where the team is working with Dave Sheldon, the host of CKNW980 ‘s SportsTalk.  Follow Dave’s blog on this link and see how the TPA improves Dave’s golf game.  I’ll be conducting an assessment on Dave this coming Thursday.
These are some pictures I took from my visit to the range last week.

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