April 26 , 2012


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It’s a little late I know to post this but last Tuesday morning I helped Mischa Harris (a strength & conditioning coach with the Olympic Oval High Performance team and owner of  SideOut Athletics) with some physical testing on our Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team!  The Olympic Oval High Performance team are helping to design and deliver the S&C portion of their physical training including:

  1. FMS and individualized breakouts to identify the source of movement dysfunction and come up with a direction for corrective strategies and corrective exercise prescription – both from a mobility (myofascial techniques, PNF stretches) and stability focus in small groups – based on common dysfunctions and then adapted for each player within those groups
  2. Designing their strength/power periodization during 2 months of competition prep before London – includes whole body pillar stability training, movement patterning drills and exercises to expand on the corrective exercises, and a full body lift targeting movement efficiency.

Pretty cool stuff…

The team’s head physiologist (Cesar Meylan) had a battery of physical tests which included: single leg long jumps, 1RM loaded pushup, 1RM loaded chin up, standing vertical jump, squat jump, and sprinting.  This is where I helped out.  Cesar also has designed their periodization from now until the Olympics and from a S&C standpoint they are building a bit of strength with a quick transition to power and speed-strength.  On the pitch the ladies are doing very well aerobically and are working mainly speed progressions until the games.  I’m told their workouts are broken up as follows:

2 lifts per week, 8 practices I think, 2 plyo/speed sessions, and 2 recovery days

The team is currently staying in Vancouver and training at the Richmond Oval in preparation for the London Olympic Games on July 25, 2012.  I’m following a few team members on Twitter.  Follow them too on their journey to London: Melanie Booth, Desiree Scott , Chelsea Buckland, Karina LeBlanc, and Lauren Sesselmann.

Here are a few pictures from that morning.  It was an honor to be involved in this testing and to meet such inspiring athletes.  Best of luck with the rest of training camp ladies and enjoy your time in Vancouver!

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