January 13 , 2011


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Welcome to the blog for Engineered Bodies Personal Training.  This blog is meant be a forum for sharing information based on fitness, nutrition and healthy living, hopefully sparking some discussion or maybe giving you some new ideas.  Anything we post will be a result of our own experience – something that we tried and found to work (or not, as the case may be).

So far we consist of a small team of BCRPA trainers and professionals in various fields, all with a passion for providing the most efficient and effective methodologies to help our clients attain whatever fitness or wellness goal they’ve set for themselves.  Ultimately, our desire is to provide our clients with the knowledge, guidance, support, resources, skills and training to achieve their goals without us.

That’s it for now but stick with us – we’ll be updating this blog every few days with topics that will be sure to challenge the way you think about fitness and health.  Don’t believe us?  Wait and see.

Next topic:  Could nutrition be the primary factor in shaping your physique and consequently your health?

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