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Patience and Determination…

I’ve been praticing yoga for many years and never had a trainer or felt confident in my work out routine. When Anthony started working with me we focused on building up my core and leg strength and to get me ready for another great ski season. My favorite part about training with Anthony is his patience and determination to get me in shape safely, quickly and making it fun! I’ve never had such a rewarding experience and only shortly after starting with Anthony found that my strength, flexibility and coordination made a dramatic change (for the better of course). This years ski season has been a huge hit, I’ve even been able to keep up with my boyfriend who is much faster on the hill. Thank you Anthony for everything, I am so glad that I’ve not only made a new friend but have also learnt so much about my body and how it functions!

Melanie, 25 – Store Manager, lululemon Coquitlam

Pain Free for the First Time in 13 Years…

I’ve only been working with Anthony at Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning for a short time but I’ve already seen massive improvements. I was super hesitant to start training with him as I’ve worked with many other therapists/trainers in the past that weren’t really able to help me. I was in a bad car accident 13 years ago that left me bed ridden for months and I spent 3 years walking with a cane. The worst part was the chronic pain! You can ask Anthony, I was super anxious during our first session. We had to start off slow due to a back/hip injury I’ve been dealing with for 13 yrs. His style of training instantly put me at ease and made me feel like he had my best interest in mind.

Kelly – Partner, ThreeSixty Financial Group