Adam Chin


Adam grew up playing all sorts of sports, he eventually fell in love with basketball in high school. It was from training for basketball that he developed a passion for the weight room and strength and conditioning. This passion led him to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at SFU. It was here that his eyes were opened to the many aspects of the health and fitness world. Professionally Adam has worked both as a kinesiologist and personal trainer for the past 3 years. He blends both rehabilitation and strength principles in a wholistic approach to training. He believes in the necessity of having strong, foundational basics before progressing to more advanced movements and works to help clients understand how their body moves. He continues to seek knowledge in the form of courses, books, the web and mentors, as he attempts to constantly improve himself and his clients.

Personally, Adam has been involved in sport of Olympic weightlifting for the past 3 years. He has competed at both the provincial and national level and coached a wide range of athletes on the sport. When not lifting weights he enjoys putting his muscles to work in the outdoors. He is an avid snowboard and hiker, and recently found a new love in back country camping. He loves challenging his mind and body by trying new and different things as much as he can.

His certifications include:
  • BSc. Kinesiology,
  • BCAK Registered Kinesiologist,
  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS), Level 2,
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance,
  • CrossFit Mobility Seminar