August 28 , 2011


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This is Part II of my own personal account of how fitness became a lifestyle for me.  By sharing my story, I hope to not only inspire and motivate, but to also show where our knowledge and experience comes from.  I have personally accomplished the very same fitness goals that you may have, whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or anything in between, and I’ve also experienced the emotional rollercoaster that often comes along with the process.  It is this real life experience that we pass on to clients to help them “engineer their bodies” as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We’ve already tried, tested, and tossed out the methods that don’t work.  All that’s left is results-yielding methodology and genuine support because, as you’ll see, we know exactly what you’re going through.

Hey fitness heads!  Thanks for tuning into part II of my story.  When I left off last time, I had just finished talking about my upbringing, and how it was quite the struggle physically, emotionally, and psychologically.   This time around, I want to share the physical transformations I’ve gone through because I find these stories to be the most motivational.

I started acquiring weight training experience in high school, as I had enrolled in weight training classes in both grade 10 and grade 11.  However, back then exercise was still a chore and something I had to force myself to do, especially when it was tied to school;  it was easy to goof off with a friend in class when the teacher wasn’t looking.  In grade twelve, I started to get more serious with weight lifting, but only because my basketball coach made it “mandatory” to be able to bench press our own body weight before the season began, or else we wouldn’t be allowed to play. Threatening my senior year of basketball was enough motivation for me, and I signed up for a membership at the local gym.  I started doing a typical “dude” workout that consisted of nothing more than bench press and bicep curls.  That was it!  No back, no legs, no shoulders, no core work; just chest and biceps.  Ridiculous, eh?  The good news is that I was the only player to be able to bench press over 200lbs come pre-season time.   However, as you might guess, the bad news is that I developed some major muscular imbalances that took me years to correct.  Unless you wanna act a fool, DON’T train like this!

The day in my life when I can remember deciding to stick to a good, well-rounded exercise plan was a regular, ordinary day.  I was walking down the street, and I distinctly remember simply feeling disgusted with myself and uncomfortable in my own skin.  Almost like  I was incarcerated, I felt like a prisoner in my own body.   I knew I had to break free to liberate myself, and to do it, I was going to sweat my way out.  From that point on, I made it a priority to go to the gym five days a week and train properly.  I took some “before” pictures so I could track my progress, researched various training methodologies and nutritional information, and went about my way.  In a short amount of time, I managed to gain a significant amount of size, tipping the scales at 195lbs from where I started, which was at approximately 180 lbs. Experience putting on muscle?  Check.

This is an awesome amount of gains for a regular guy.  However, after taking another round of progress pictures, I saw that too much of it was body fat for my liking.  From that point on, I decided I didn’t want to look big and bulky; I decided I wanted to look more like a fitness model instead, and actually look good with my shirt off.  I made the simple addition of high intensity interval training (HIIT) two times per week.  Soon after, I had lots a significant amount of body fat while maintaining the muscle that I had built, and was back in the 180lbs range, but with a much better body composition.  Looking at this next round of pictures had me astounded at how quickly and how much change had come thus far.  Experience losing body fat quickly?  Check.

From that moment on after seeing exceptional results month after month, I was addicted to exercise.  I wanted to test the limits of how far I could push my body, how good I could look, and how high I could get my self-confidence.   I continued to make minor tweaks in my training methodology here and there, and eventually achieved the look I wanted.  Experience getting fitness model shredded?  Checkmate!

Here’s a full picture timeline of my physical transformation.

[Side note:  I highly recommend taking before/after photos as a reference for your progress, rather than using the numbers of a scale or measuring tape.  Not only does it give you motivation when you can visually SEE your own progress, it paints a better picture overall.  In the photos above, I was roughly the same weight when I started (180 lbs) and when I ended (175 lbs).  However, it is obvious there is a huge difference in body composition and appearance.]

As you’ve learned, I was just a regular, un-athletic guy with low self-esteem who decided enough was enough.  I did this purely through self-experimentation and research; no trainer, no formal education.  As a result, know that YOU can do it, too, and that change IS possible, especially if you enlist the help of a professional.  When are you going to decide to make a change?  Why not today?  Whenever you make the genuine and dedicated decision to live healthier, have more energy, look better, skyrocket your self-confidence and self-esteem, and change your life like you never thought possible, give us a call because we know what you’re going through, and we know how to help you reach your goals : )

Thanks for reading!

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