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Commitment to continued education and growth

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Commitment to building a strong community

We offer a variety of classes and services including CrossFit (group) classes, Olympic lifting classes, Movement & Mobility class, Active Rehab, gymnastics & handstands class, parkour (for youth), and our community-building social Saturday classes.

Our success system process starts with a complimentary consultation and functional movement screen. Book your consult today!

Each coach at Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning is driven by movement. We strive to learn from the best so that we can provide our clients and athletes the best and latest in movement coaching and strength and conditioning.

Class schedule

Access the full class schedule here! Conveniently schedule your classes online and see what’s coming up for the month.

Our Team

Founder, CSCS
Primal Health Coach
CrossFit Coach
Youth Weightlifting Coach
PT & CrossFit Coach
Weightlifting Coach
Kinstretch Instructor
Corporate Wellness Coach
Athletic Therapist
Registered Massage Therapist



Engineered Bodies is the only place where I’ve felt like I can improve myself every day, just by showing up. It’s not just a gym – it’s a community where support, friendship and excellent coaching come together to make you grow…

-Jane H

Engineered Bodies is a gym that sets itself apart. The first day I walked in, I was welcomed instantly. It was clear right away that community is a major priority to the coaches as well as the clients. There is a strong focus on healthy movement and proper form and the coaches are always prepared to ensure that the clients are working safely and progressively. They are passionate about training and it is clear through their interactions and attention to detail that they really love what they do…


-Sara C

I joined Engineered Bodies 5 months ago. Prior, I tried different gyms and exercise programs but I was not consistent or motivated to stick to any one thing. Originally, the thought of doing Cross Fit really intimidated me! Anthony Is very knowledgeable on fitness and health and his coaching team are the real deal…

-Carollyne S

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